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Nano Data Recorder

Nano™ SIGINT Data Recorder

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Nano SIGINT Data Recorder

Rising Edge’s nano Data Recorder represents a major advancement in portable data collection. Combining the best features of our current recorders with the latest technology, the nano delivers full functionality in a tiny package.

The versatility of the nano allows it to be configured to capture either analog or digital signal data. To support analysis after collection, the signals are accurately reproduced during playback through the analog or digital output port or alternatively, the data can be offloaded to other computer equipment for software-based processing.

Set-up and control of the recorder is achieved through a simple push-button graphical user interface. The GUI automatically records numerous parameters of each file and also provides a field for user-entered comments and notations.

The nano‘s rugged chassis and fanless cooling ensure reliable operation whether in a brutal field environment or the benign confines of a laboratory. Operators receive constant feedback of the unit’s health from extensive built-in diagnostic tests and constant monitoring of the major components as well as incoming clock and data.

Perhaps the biggest feature of the nano is also the smallest; all of these capabilities are built into a unit about the size of a paperback book! Data portability is a snap with the removable storage modules; the rugged solid-state drives hold over an hour of recorded signals and can be easily concealed in a shirt pocket.

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