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Signal Archive Management System

SAMS Signal Library

A Complete Integrated Solution: Signal Capture to Archive

The Rising Edge Technologies Signal Archive Management System (SAMS), used in conjunction with Rising Edge 6000, 7000, and 8000 series data recorders provides a complete, integrated, turn-key solution for the full scope of managing signal data. From field-collected recordings to archived data in the laboratory, SAMS provides user-friendly storage, management, copy, and retrieval of these files to support analysis, dissemination, and training applications.

Data Portability

Rising Edge data recorders employ removable drive modules to provide easy data transport and extended record times. To support wideband signal requirements, data is striped across multiple disk drives within each module. Thus, direct access to the recorded data is somewhat restricted until the data is moved into a data analysis platform or some other storage mechanism.

Traditionally, the approach to near term storage of these recordings has been to leave the data on the recorder drive modules until resources are available to process and analyze the data. And the approach to long term storage has been to migrate the data to tape and put it on a shelf. However, the drop in cost of magnetic hard drives and commoditization of RAID solutions in recent years has pushed the long term storage approach in this online storage direction. Although this "big bucket" approach may solve the capacity issue, it introduces a host of other difficulties in managing the large volume of data.

Integrated Data Management

SAMS takes the best of traditional near and long term signal recording storage practices and applies organization and structure to provide easy-to-use automation to the process. SAMS is comprised of a server hosting the application software and one or more attached RAID systems. The SAMS application software provides a web-based portal to give operators instant access to an array of functionality from any web compatible workstation, laptop, or netbook.

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