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DR8170 Data Recorder

DR8170 Pre-D Data Recorder

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DR8170 IF Recorder

Rising Edge Technologies’ DR8100 family of portable signal recorders is designed to support a variety of interface technologies and operational scenarios. Configured as a DR8170, the recorder utilizes an analog I/O card to capture a 70 MHz IF signal. Recorder control is performed through our familiar web-based GUI. User entered log data supports text-based annotation of recorded signals. The portable DR8170 from Rising Edge Technologies offers the following advantages.

Features and Benefits

40 MHz Bandwidth – The DR8170 is optimized to record signals centered at a 70 MHz IF. The high-speed 12-bit digitizer accurately samples signals with up to 40 MHz bandwidths.

High Capacity – The DR8170 includes a hot-swappable, 600 GB disk pack that provides 70 minutes of record time at the maximum signal bandwidth. Data is retained with the disk pack, not the recorder.

Compact Size – The DR8170 is packaged in a portable 4.25” (H) x 10.75” (W) x 8.5” (D) chassis.

Playback Options – The DR8170 offers analog playback as well as FTP transfer capability to support networked data off load. The DR8170 also offers looped playback for continuous output in support of training or analysis.

Web-based GUI – The DR8170 employs a web-based GUI that can be operated via a network interface from any browser. A real time data display feature supports continuous monitoring of the input signal.

Record Options – The DR8170 features user initiated recording or auto recording designed to start at a preprogrammed time and record for a user defined duration.

Maintenance Friendly – A firmware download port, extensive diagnostics, and automated power failure recovery help improve system availability and reduce down time.


Survey Support – The size, weight, and power specifications and the integrated FTP data access of the DR8170 make it an ideal product to support man-portable and survey applications where minimal package sizes are a must.

Training – Recorded signals provide the capability to expose users to real world signal environments for training and enhanced effectiveness.

Simulation and Test Systems – By using the analog RF output, the DR8170 can be used to stimulate external systems in support of development and test. The repeat playback functions allow files or the entire disk to be replayed repeatedly without user intervention.

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