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DR8100 Data Recorder

DR8100 SIGINT Data Recorder

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Data Recorder

Signal Collection and Reproduction

Rising Edge’s high throughput technology means that data rates up to 800 Mb/sec are sustained over the entire capacity of the disk drives on both record and playback.  The internal DDS accurately measures and reproduces the input clock while the recording media ECC (Error Correcting Code) ensures that your data is stored without an error.  Thus, you can count on the DR8100 to faithfully collect and reproduce any signal of interest.

Removable Drive Modules

Data is stored on carrier class disk drives housed in hot-swappable drive modules.  Each module provides a record time of 1.7 hours at the full data rate of the recorder (lower data rates result in even longer record times).  Drive modules can be easily and quickly replaced to minimize downtime during collections.  Data is easily transported between systems though the interchangeable drive modules or via the high-speed FTP data offload.

User-Friendly GUI

Control of the DR8100 is achieved through a simple graphical user interface.  An easy mouse click or two is all it takes to set-up and use the data recorder.  The GUI also provides a place to input user notes or other important information about the recording.  These text fields along with automatically stored file facts (record date and time, duration, clock rate, symbol width) are stored along with the recorded data so they will never be lost.


Weighing in at only 12 lbs, the DR8100 is extremely portable; its included carry bag makes the system easy to tote.  What's more, the rugged chassis is built to take the bumps encountered in ground mobile or man portable operation.  Additional portability options include a hard-sided transit case and battery operation.

Modular Input/Output

The DR8100 supports a variety of input/output interfaces.  The modular architecture of the recorder allows the plug-in I/O card to be easily swapped to provide an alternate interface.  A number of standard interfaces are readily available and others can be easily implemented.

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