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DR6270 Pre-D Recorder

DR6270 IF Recorder

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DR6270 Analog Data Recorder

Analog Recording Products

Rising Edge Technologies created the DR6200 product family to meet the growing needs of our customers to capture and analyze multiple channels of high rate signal information. The DR6270 is a wideband signal recorder within the DR6200 family designed for applications where analog signals must be recorded for processing and analysis. This compact, rack-mountable recorder includes features and functions designed to simplify the collection and analysis of analog signal data.

Dual Channel Recording

The DR6200 is a dual channel data recorder designed to support the most demanding recording applications. With data rates to 200 MB/s per channel, this rack-mount product combines modular I/O technology and enterprise class storage media to offer superior performance in a compact package.

Multiple IF Bandwidth Signal Recording

The DR6270 is configured with our IOM7 RF/analog front-end to support the synchronous conversion and storage of two analog signals. The recorder features a high sample rate analog to digital converter to capture wideband signals from receiver IF outputs or baseband signals from processed sources. Although typical applications include 45 MHz bandwidth signals at 70 MHz IF and 90 MHz bandwidth at 140 MHz IF; the DR6270 can be configured to support a range of other signals. This system is an ideal support tool for analyzing a variety of signal environments.

Capture, Store, Reproduce

The high-speed digitized signals are streamed onto carrier-class disk drives where the data safely resides indefinitely. Once the data has been recorded, there are several ways to access it. The data can be played back through the integrated digital to analog converters and then output through the front panel. Data can also be transferred to a networked computer via FTP. And finally, since the disk drives are enclosed in hot-swappable housings, the entire drive module can be transported to another recorder or another location.

User Interface and Control

The DR6270 provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to control recording and file transfer operations through any web browser. A few simple clicks are all it takes to configure, record, and playback. For each recording, a log file is created to retain information such as signal descriptions, frequency, or geographic location. The GUI also provides constant feedback to the operator – elapsed and remaining record times and real-time data visualization will help the user to know the exact status of the recorder and the data at any time.

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