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DR6200 Data Recorder

DR6200 Data Recorder

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DR6200 Data Recorder

Dual Channel Recording

The DR6200 is a dual channel data recorder designed to support the most demanding recording applications. With data rates to 200 MB/s per channel, this rack mount product combines modular I/O technology and enterprise class storage media to offer superior performance in a compact package.

Data Capture and with Playback

By employing a disk based recording technique that is tightly coupled to a high performance signal bus, the DR6200 recorder provides real time signal record and playback support for live signal collection and analysis. Recorded signals can be readily accessed to support analysis, dissemination, or archive through real time play back or via network access to support software processing.

Storage Media

The DR6200 can be configured with traditional magnetic or solid state disk drives. For added reliability and performance, the DR6200 uses only enterprise class storage medium. Unlike personal storage products, enterprise class storage medium is designed to higher standards of performance, operating environmental conditions, and reliability, thus ensuring better results in a variety of recording applications.

Built-in User Control

Through a standard Gigabit Ethernet interface, the DR6200 provides a graphical user interface for controlling the recording and file transfer operations. By combining Ethernet connectivity with Rising Edge Technologies’ network ready operating system, the DR6200 supports full remote recorder control and easy access to recorded data files.

The built-in browser-based user interface allows operators to remotely connect to the recorder for full control of the data capture, playback, and off-load processes.

Available Interface Options

The DR6200 is available with a number of standard and custom interface options to support the capture of STM1/STM4 signals, OC3/OC12 signals, Low Voltage Differential Signals (LVDS), differential ECL signals, or analog signals.

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